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Welcome To My Top Tier Coaching Program

This is my Top Tier Coaching progam where I am inviting you to work closely with me to create your very own signature Online Coaching Business.

I understand that a major driving force for you as a coach is to fundamentially and postively change the lives of the people you work with….I’ll help you to implement your coaching programs online so that you can do that with maximum effect.

This means I’ll teach you a proven, overarching business model for a high performing online coaching business.

This includes using simple, client friendly processes for delivering your coaching programs online, plus the all important  business development strategies that help you to attract clients and to be well paid for what you do.

You of course provide the coaching content – I teach you how to get your awesome coaching to the right people in the most effective way.

Is This You Right Now?

Are you currently struggling to charge your clients enough in your coaching business just to keep it afloat, let alone having enough income to really scale up your business?

How frustrated are you because you honestly know you could charge between $1000 and $5000 for your programs but you’re stuck selling them for only a few hundred dollars?

Are you sick and tired of pouring your heart into your business and creating huge value for your clients at a very fair price, only to lose clients to your competition who offer less value than you?

Are you frustrated because you genuinely believe you can charge $1000 – $5000 and get great results but you are stuck selling courses at $300?

Are you at the point where you tried lots of other coaching programs, and have looked at so many other business models that you’re overwhelmed with information, and confused about what the best way forward is?

Or….adding a coaching element to your business is something you’ve thought about and now you need direction to make it happen.

My Approach

What I’ve learned along the way since being involved with internet businesses since 2007 is that low entry fee programs usually don’t work out all that well for my clients.

Why is this?

Well, for a start a low cost entry fee means it is just so easy for my clients to quit. And that’s exactly what they do when the course work gets tough and they fall behind.

And many do eventually quit and go looking for the next “make $10,000 in the next 30 days opportunity”!!

Most likely they’ll do this over and over again, jumping from one shiny object to the next, without really committing to doing the work needed to get a solid coaching business up and running.

Then, one day, based on my own experience in joining a high end coaching program which cost me around $30k to join I realised that having committed that much money to the program I just couldn’t quit without putting in the work needed to make a success of it.

I had ‘skin in the game’. It was unthinkable that I could just throw away that level of investment and look for something easier.

This got me thinking about having a low cost entry to my own coaching programs.

I realised that a $10, $20 or even $100 or $150 entry fee for some of my coaching didn’t really represent skin in the game for my clients.

In fact, I realised that I was probably setting up my new clients to fail which is not what I wanted to happen at all!

I want every client who works with me to be successful as a result of my programs.

I truly want to change lives through my coaching, just as much as I want my clients to change lives through what they teach.

Here’s A Secret…..Charge What You’re Worth And Help Motivate Your Clients To Produce Results

When your clients invest between $1000 and $5000 do you think you could definitely say that they have skin in the game?

If you had parted with some of your hard earned dollars at that level do you think that you would be prepared to do the work needed so that your investment paid off?

Or….would you be inclined to quit if the work you needed to do started to become difficult?

What I believe to be true is that when people are personally invested, when their money is on the line, they will be much more inclined to work HARDER to get the results.

And when my clients get results that makes me, your coach look good too!

Everyone wins with this kind of approach.

If I make it easy for my clients to fail most probably will.

So, by making the price tag high enough so that they DO have skin in the game, and therefore have something to lose, they are more likely to DO THE WORK and get results.


And, it IS results that YOU are looking for results isn’t it?

Consider This 3 Tier Model For Your Business

A typical approach in many online businesses is to create a sales funnel which might look something like this:

  • $7 initial sale
  • $10 upsell sale
  • Then selling something on top for $30
  • Then another sale on top of this for $100
  • A few months later, after seeing the value the client my but another upsell at $100
  • Then $200, then $400, then maybe $1000 and so on

The  problem with this kind of sales funnel is…..

  • it’s so easy for people to quit before any meaningful results are obtained
  • and it could take up to 6 months before your clients reach the bottom of your sales funnel when you finally make a $1000 sale with them

What If Each Sale In Your Business is $1000 Instead of $10, or $100?

What if your clients could make their first sale with you at $1000 instead of the 6 month delay I described above?

Can you imagine how it would feel if you had 10, 20 or even 50 clients whose first transaction with your business is a $1000 sale?

Would you like to do that in your business?

Here’s How You Could Set It Up

Offer a choice between 3 levels of interaction with you.

What if you made your LOWEST entry level coaching program $1000 or $2000?

So, instead of a lengthy sales funnel where you lead your clients through an initial purchase of say $7, then an upsell to $10, then to $37, then up to $97 etc, which could take them 6 months to climb through…

Your first sale with a new client is $1,000 or $2000.

Imagine having 50 or 100 clients investing $1000 to join your group coaching or a masterclass program with you.

Would that get you excited?

Would you agree that this is the kind of coaching model that could dramatically and postively change the lives of your clients?

And at the same time you’re obviously making some really good income for yourself.

This is a VERY powerful coaching model, and it’s why I am using it in my coaching business.

So….Here’s What I’ve Decided To do

I’m launching my Top Tier Coaching program as a High Intensity Mastermind.

Because this requires an extensive and regular 1-1 contact with each participant and I am only able to work with six people at any one time…

During that time I’m going to be teaching you sequentially, step by step, how to:

  • Clarify your target audience so that you and your client are a good fit, and your client can afford to pay you for the true worth of your coaching
  • Decide, step by step, what to include in your coaching program, and then what to do to create your program
  • Create a high ticket mastermind or top level coaching program just like this one
  • Create powerful front end offers that convert
  • Upsell your clients to your higher priced Masterminds and one-on-one coaching
  • And much, much more besides….

I’m going to do this in such a way so that over the next 26 weeks you will sequentially LEARN, AND THEN IMPLEMENT your learning, step by step, so that you will, at the end of 26 weeks have an operating $1000 coaching offer.

What Would It Be Worth To You To Have Clients Investing $1000 In Your Coaching?

Would something like that be a positive and welcome change your life, and your business?

If you agree that this would then I think this exclusive, closed access Mastermind will represent great value for you.

Let me put this another way. If you were to hire me for an hour a week for the next 26 weeks at my usual hourly rate of $500 then you would be investing in excess of $20,000.

And, hand on heart I can say to you that it would be worth every single penny of that $20,000.

However, because I’m making this a closed Mastermind for 26 weeks where I can only work with just 6 people I’m making this closed access program just $12,000

If you’re ready to enrol…..



But, if this is the first time you’ve seen this offer, and you’re thinking this is an amazing program.

And…. you have the feeling that you really want to do it, but you aren’t quite ready to invest just yet!

Well, I understand that completely. This is my highest level coaching and it’s also my most expensive program.

So, instead of dismissing the idea, and/or if you have questions, or just need a bit more information then let’s make a time to jump on a Zoom call.

This will be a ‘no pitch’ discussion – I genuinely want to learn more about what you do and if/how I might be able to help you. Plus, you will want details about the program, and will surely have questions.

So let’s have that chat so you can get the information you need. Here’s the link to my calendar, pick a time that works for you.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Anthony McAvaney

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