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The 10 Week Program

Design, Create, Promote And Have Ready For Launch Your Online Group Coaching Program In Just Ten Weeks

This is an intensive program and no prior experience in coaching is necessary.

All that is needed is that you have some skill or knowledge that you can teach something which you know will change the lives of the people who engage with you in your coaching program.

Completing this program won’t be easy. I can guarantee you will work hard.

So that means this program is only for people who are serious about creating an asset for themselves that has the potential to completely transform their life.

If you have a genuine desire to change lives through your coaching, and also change for the better the way you operate your coaching business then read on…

Module 1 - The group coaching business model explained

The first thing I’m going to teach in this program is a ‘deep dive’ into the business model you will use to set up your online group coaching business.

It is important you understand from the outset what the various parts of the business model are, so that you can see for yourself what the various elements you need to create t0 set up a sustainable online coaching business

I think you will be convinced that this is something you will be able to do once you’ve seen the model in depth.

Module 2 -

The second thing I’m going to teach you in this coaching program is to use my template to design your entire coaching program so that it can be easily delivered online to your clients.

I know that many people who want to establish an online coaching business struggle to find a way to organise their coaching content in a form that is suitable for online delivery.

Planning and then creating your teaching content in an online friendly format is so much simpler when you use the template that I provide.

You can then proceed with creating the content for the coaching lessons you need to deliver to ensure your clients achieve the results you promise.

Week 3

The third thing I’m going to teach is how to set up your coaching content on your website so that it is delivered easily and securely to your clients.

The method I show you means you can do this without having to pay for and use any membership software.

This is important. Why? Many online coaching business often get stuck right here in launching their online coaching business because they at the very start because they mistakenly believer they need membership software to protect against the theft of their coaching program.

Membership software really isn’t needed at this stage, and I’ll show you why.

In fact, we will even look at some options for having an online coaching business without a website.

Week 4

The fourth thing I’m going to teach you in this coaching program is how to create a squeeze page to promote your program and where people can sign up to your program

When your program is set up and ready for launch you will need a way to promote your program

So being able to design a squeeze page is something you will need to know how to do.

I also show you some cost effective, simple ways to link your squeeze page to an email autoresponder.

As you will discover, having an effective email strategy after people sign up to offers you make with your squeeze page will have a significant impact on sales of your coaching programs.

Week 5

The fifth topic in this coaching program will be how to set up and then fully automate your email campaign.

Up to 80% or more of sales of your coaching program are likely to come from your follow email campaigns.

Therefore, having an email marketing strategy and using an autoresponder to automate the delivery of your emails is going to be an essential element in your business… you’ll learn what’s involved in putting this together.

You will learn more about the critical importance of having an initial automated welcome email series to people who sign up to your offers, so to assist you I’ll show you a sample welcome and client nurture email campaign.

Week 6

The sixth thing you will learn is how to promote your coaching business and attract clients with a webinar.

Webinars are proven to be one of the most effective lead generation tools in the online world today.

When used in combination with your email autoresponder you will have powerful automated sales tools at your fingertips.

I will explain how to use a template to design your webinar.

This template combines tried and proven techniques of influence and persuasion with strong calls to action which progressively lead viewers, in a non pushy way, to the point where they are invited to sign up for your coaching program.

Plus, I’ve Packed Each Week’s Training With With Additional Video Content

And Other Helfpul Resources

For example:

  • Video – Define the Core Problem That Your Coaching Solves For Clients
  • Video – Three Strategies For Creating Online Coaching Content
  • Video – Strategies For Delivering Your Coaching Content Without A Website
  • eBook – How To Use A Facebook Group In Your Coaching Business
  • Video – A two part video series on how to create a squeeze page using Aweber
  • Video – Tips for writing sales letters
  • Video – A six part video ‘over the shoulder’ training series on setting up an email autoresponder
  • Video – Email marketing tips for customer engagement
  • eBook – What to write in your emails
  • Video – Lead generation strategies

And, much, much more…

This Is How We Are Going To Work Together

During this 6 week program this is how we will work together:

  • We will be meeting twice a week for that 6 weeks
  • That’s a total of 12 sessions where we work together to get you the results you want
  • In one of those weekly sessions I’ll be doing some teaching
  • In the other weekly session we will be doing a live Q&A where you can ask your questions
  • Each week you will have homework to complete – this is the key
  • Do the homework and you will have a fully launchable coaching business in 6 weeks

Your Investment

My six week coaching program is $497, or two payments of $260.

Plus when you enrol today you’ll get these FREE bonuses:

1. A FREE 15 minute consult with me to discuss your coaching program ideas (value $50)

2. eBook – 30 Days To A Bigger Email List (value $29)

3. eBook – Email Monetizer – ideas for monetizing your email list (value $29)

4. Silver level membership of Sure Fire Wealth Assets – PLR content provider (value $147)

It’s decision time….

What will it be?

A new pathway…or keep doing what you’re doing?

As someone who was very wise once said….to keep doing what you’ve always done and expect a different result is the definition of insanity.

I can show you what is working today, so if you’re ready to get started on taking decisive steps to make your online coaching program a reality, just click the button below to register and you can get started immediately.

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