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I have a simple business model for online coaches and this model will be the focus of one of my upcoming live coaching sessions.

This coaching session will form part of a series of coaching lessons which fit under the broad banner of “How To Set Up An Online Coaching Business”.

I make no apologies for presenting a simple business model for online coaches to implement.

I think most people prefer simple rather than complex, don’t you?

The Importance of Believability

The important thing from a coach’s perspective is that when people see that something is simple to learn, and to do, their belief in being able to implement really starts to take off.

So, just so you know that what I’m going to teach is simple to implement, and which can provide the basis for a solid business, here’s a sneak peek at the model I’m going to teach:


  • You know, or can do something that other people want to learn and your coaching, training or teaching is simply teaching others to do that thing
  • Break down what you’re going to teach into a series of logical steps that need to be completed for your learners to achieve the desired result
  • This will help you decide how many weekly, one hour sessions you’ll need to put together to teach this – it could mean a 6 week, 8 week, 12 week or more program of lessons – one topic per week from your break down list.
  • It doesn’t matter if your program is 6, 8, 10, 12 weeks or more – no correct answer, you decide
  • Next, decide how you’re going to teach it.
And then, you start to put together the content for your first 6, 8, 10, or 12 week coaching program


OK -that’s the overall design taken care of.

Creating A Membership For Your Business

So, let’s now package this up into some kind of membership coaching program to offer to your clients.

You decide that you will commit to providing your learners with three hours of training each week.

This will consist of:

  • One hour of teaching – this is to teach the essential topics you’ve identified. You will do this live, and also record your session
  • One hour live coaching – basically a Q & A session which your learners can participate in. You also record this.
  • One hour recording some training on a stand alone topic
  • You teach for 3 hours per week
  • Your clients learn for 3 hours per week
  • As a result you’ve created 3 hours of new content for that week

A Simple Business Model For Online Coaches – Scaling Up

Take this a little further…..

If you followed this model for the next 50 weeks you will have created:


  • 50 hours of recorded coaching content
  • 50 hours of recorded stand alone training

Imagine having 50 hours of your own training content at your disposal to package up in a variety of ways and sell it to your clients.

A Simple Business Model For Online Coaches – Is This For You?

So, here’s an important question…..could you find 3 hours a week delivering some coaching content as described above.

Plus…..there’s obviously some preparation time to build the foundation of a truly solid membership program, with an optional coaching component?

Do you think you could do something like that?

But, if the missing link is you don’t know how to tie all these pieces together into your very own operational coaching program, then could you use some help?

If so, then I’d like to help.

I’m launching very soon this coaching program where I’ll be teaching you, step by step how to implement a simple business model for online coaches.

If you’re serious about setting up your own coaching/membership program, why not sign up here.

When you do I’ll make sure you’re kept informed about exactly what the content is going to be, and when the program is going to be launched.

Till next time,

Best Wishes