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The Core Of Your Online Coaching Business

Failing to define the real core of your coaching business is a mistake that a lot of new coaches often make.

When getting started it can be truly difficult to know exactly what steps to take to get your online coaching coaching business up and running.

Top of mind is often the question “what content do I need to be creating in order to begin attracting paying clients?”

In the absence of not having any real strategy to decide how to answer this question deciding what content to create is a bit like throwing a handful of wheat at a widespread crowd of people and hoping that you might hit somebody or something.

So, How Do You Decide What The Core Of Your Online Coaching Business Is?

I think when you begin to answer the following questions the picture becomes much, much clearer:

  • What problem does your coaching solve?
  • Who has this kind of problem?
  • What are the symptoms of that problem?
  • Why is the problem urgent?
  • What makes the problem urgent now for these people?
  • What is the outcome or result people want that a coach might help with?
  • What coaching do I need to provide to help people with that problem get the kind of result they want?

Why Is This So Important?

The core of your online coaching business is about the problem your coaching solves, or the result your coaching enables people to achieve.

When people purchase a coaching package they purchase the kind of results you are promising them, not the process you are going to use to help them get those results.

The video below explains more about this, and how to define the core of your online coaching business.