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What Is This Case Study All About?

Online group coaching with anthony mcavaneyRecently via LinkedIn I renewed contact with an online acquaintance, Chris Sweeney.

We decided to jump on a Zoom call to catch up on what we had been doing since we last met, and we eventually got to discussing what was happening in her online business.

Chris operates her own business which provides business coaching for individuals who are ready to explore their potential in the online world in order to attract the right customers, to build strong and positive relationships and to inspire personal and business growth.

Anyway, it transpired that Chris mainly delivers her coaching on a 1-1 basis and because she had seen the group model that I teach and she was keen to try to implement that model in her business.

We subsequently agreed that we could help each other. I would teach and coach Chris in how to design, create and then launch her coaching business and show others how this can be done, and Chris will ideally have an online group coaching business all set up and ready to go.

This is the first in a series of posts where you can follow as Chris and I work together, step by step to set her online group coaching business.

As a result of this we trust you will be inspired to use some element of the skills, knowledge and experience you’ve gained in your life and turn that into coaching and teaching others via your very own online group coaching business.

We all have something of value to share that will make a difference in the lives of others, I can show you how to develop that into a business.

Some Background On Chris Sweeney

The video below is our initial interview where Chris explains a little bit about her professional career and why she is now wanting to add a group coaching component to her existing business.


The Next Steps

The overall aim of this case study is to demonstrate how to use a proven online group coaching model to create and then launch on online group coaching business.

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