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I’m continually adding new programs, short courses and master class content information on this page.

Let me help you to plan, design, create, and promote your own online coaching program with the types of course content you see available here.

If the content you see here doesn’t meet your exact need then let’s talk. I can save you time and help you avoid investing in coaching program content by designing or making available to you teaching material that exactly meets your needs.


The Signature 90 Day Program

Design, Create, Promote And Have Ready For Launch Your Online Group Coaching Program In Just 90 Days.

This is an intensive learning program.  No prior experience in coaching is necessary.

All that is needed is that you have some skill or knowledge that you can teach something which you know will change the lives of the people who engage with you in your coaching program.

This program is for people who are serious about creating an asset for themselves that has the potential to completely transform their life in terms of work/life balance, and income potential.

If you have a genuine desire to change lives through your coaching, and also change for the better the way you operate your coaching business then click the button below for all the details.

Single Topic Master Classes & Short Courses

Master Class

How To Quickly Decide On The Key Topic For Your Core Coaching Program

Are you struggling to decide on what is the right key topic for what will be your core coaching program?

Are you frustrated that it is taking you so long to figure out what your key topic needs to be?

Are you irritated by not being able to find any useful guidelines to help you with your decision making on this?

Well, if that’s how you feel then let me provide you with some fast help in this, short, to the point Master Class.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this Master Class:

  • The key question you must ask, and answer when deciding on what your core offer will be
  • Two more questions for you to answer to give you extra clarity about your key topic
  • Another test you can do to help clarify what to focus your core coaching program on
  • A simple formula to help you to explain what the key focus of your coaching program is to prospective clients
  • Exactly what you need to do to narrow down what your key coaching topic is going to be

Master Class

How To Design And Create Engaging Online Group Coaching Programs, Courses And Lessons

So…you’ve got a fantastic topic which would make a brilliant coaching lesson that would be just perfect for delivering online to a group of your clients.

The trouble is you haven’t really done much online teaching to groups before, and you’re feeling pretty anxious about doing it.

Or, perhaps you just feel what you have already developed could have been more professionally done.

Here’s the thing… when you’re in front of a group, either online on zoom, or in the flesh…

Your professionalism is on show.  People, your clients, are making judgements about you based on the way you communicate and present your lesson content.

This Master Class will provide answers to these critically important questions so that your courses have that professional look and feel:

  • What is the result your coaching program will help your clients to achieve?
  • How do you start designing and then delivering a full program which involves a series of lessons that will achieve that result?
  • What is the best way to start your program?
  • How do you decide which lesson to teach first?
  • How do you decide the best order in which the rest of your lessons need to be delivered so that your coaching program flows, and gets clients the results you are promising?
  • What strategies can you use to help keep people engaged in the program, and completing all your lessons?
  • How will I actually teach my content?
  • How can I influence participants in my program to take action?
  • And much, much more…

Master Class

Email Marketing And Email Automation

This Master Class will teach you how to automate your email marketing and make it one of the most powerful sales tools in yrou coaching business.


Can you afford to be losing 30% of your potential revenue because your coaching business doesn’t have an automated email follow up campaign?

If you don’t have an automated email marketing system and automated email follow you’re leaving money on the table.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s what you’ll learn how to implement when you take my Master Class:

  • The essential elements needed in your email marketing so that you know exactly what pieces need to be created
  • Why and how using an email autoresponder, and automated email delivery is going to save you hours of valuable time
  • How to create the pages you need so that clients can sign up for your coaching services, and then be automatically added to your email list so that they can begin to receive your powerful pre-written follow up emails.
  • How to create those sign up pages without having a website or having to pay for any fancy page building software
  • How you can write just the one email, or even prepare a series of emails and then use your autoresponder to deliver them your entire list at the exact day and time you want them to go out. 
  • And much, much more detail about using the power of email marketing automation in your business.

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