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My Coaching Programs

My Six Week Program

How To Set Up A Membership Program With An Optional Coaching Component In 6 Weeks

At the end of the six weeks participants will have a fully launchable online membership/coaching program.

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In my FREE webinar you’ll learn:

  • A simple, uncomplicated business model for creating an online coaching business
  • How to decide what you need to establish first in your online coaching business and why
  • A structure to use for developing your first online coaching product
  • A structure to use for developing your first online coaching lesson



Develop & Launch Your Own Online Coaching Program in Just 6 Weeks

Imagine this…..in just 6 weeks time you can have a fully launchable coaching program.

Think about this for a moment!

For putting in just 6 weeks work, hard work mind you, you will have created an asset that has the potential to enable you to create the beginnings of a new income stream…and perhaps create more freedom in lifestyle choices with that income.

I’m not going to put a figure on how much that extra income that might be.

Why? Because you have something quite valuable to teach. You have the ability to change lives with what you teach.

And yes, there will be people who are prepared to pay you, and pay you well for what you are able to teach them.

Only you can put a figure on what you want people to pay you.

If you’re prepared to do the work I can teach you what you need to knoow and I’ll support you along the way.

Click here to find out exactly what I’m going to teach you and how we are going to work together!

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