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Hi there. My name is Anthony McAvaney and I’m an online group coaching and online evergreen coaching content creation expert.

I help coaches and consultants to set up and scale online group coaching businesses.

Doing this has been my passion and focus since 2015 and it’s been quite a personal and professional growth journey for me to reach this stage in my life.

I’d like to explain something of that journey in the hope that this will inspire you to follow your dreams and passions too.

Here’s My Story…..How I Got Here

For virtually all my working life I have been involved in so-called ‘helping’ professions.

I’ve had a traditional career working in the corporate training and development field in a range of industries which included:

  • Banking
  • Tourism
  • Hospitality
  • Retail and Wholesale
  • Government sectors

I have also worked the recruitment field, but I really didn’t enjoy hard core selling all that much, so back I went into training and development!

Over time I developed an interest in personal counselling and I got some qualifications in that field……which eventually led me to working as an outplacement consultant and job search coach. (Outplacement in case you don’t know is where people who have had their positions made redundant are given by their former employer access to job search coaches like me.)

This type of work ended for me in about 2005 when, due to labour market shortages everywhere, organisations were no longer laying off staff, instead their focus was on how to retain and attract staff. This meant I had to look for another line of work.

So, I ended up working at a University for the next 10 years providing career guidance and job search coaching to people completing various forms of higher education such as a bachelors’ degree, master’s degree and PhD.

As a sideline to this I also continued to do private job search coaching, resume preparation and interview coaching.

Along the way however, my views about traditional careers and career pathways, and the importance of having a universtity degree began to change quite dramatically.

The traditional career model is actually broken and the reason for this is due to advances in technology, disruptive innovation, and artificial intelligence. And the education system, and society’s beliefs about getting a job and working the 40/40/40 plan hadn’t kept up with what is actually happening for a lot of people today.

There just isn’t any sort of job security today for most people. I’ve come to believe that the only job related security is that which we create for ourselves through our own entrepreneurial activity


And this led me to doing this…

As a result, I couldn’t in good conscience provide job search coaching, resume writing and interview preparation services to people any more.  At least not in isolation from a discussion with clients about where traditional career pathways and jobs are heading.

This is particularly important for people in mid/late career. Why? Because I knew that their chances of landing a job that was the same or similar to their last job were often going to be pretty poor.

So, I decided to do a couple of things.

First, I decided to take my own advice and walk down the path of creating my own security by setting up my own business.

Before doing that though I knew I need to acquire some new skills.

So…..I started a program of educating myself to learn all I could about establishing an online business, and to become skilled in online marketing.


And, Here We Are Today!

As a result of that education, and applying what I learned, I then went on to establish several online businesses.

And six years later, here I am – coaching other people how to set up and operate their own online business.

Specifically, I work to support and mentor people who want to start and/or scale up an online coaching businesses.

online group coaching

Are You Ready To Break Free?

If you’ve reached that point in your life where you’re ready to create your own kind of independence and to create lifestyle choices and options then I’d love to be able to help you.

Let’s start by having an obligation free chat about what you’re presently doing in life, what you’d like to do, and where you’d like to go.

There’s no guarantee that I’ll be able to assist you, but until we have that chat neither of us will know the answer to that.

So…..let’s talk eh? Click here to book our chat on Zoom.


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