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Do You Have A Topic That You Teach Or Coach Others On…But Have Trouble Reaching Enough People?

 We Can Help You

We will teach you:

  • A simple, but effective online group coaching model that can be quickly applied to any coaching or consulting business that will enable you to reach many more clients
  • How to plan and then create your group coaching program and deliver it online to groups, rather than limiting yourself to working one on one with clients
  • How to automate delivery of your group coaching programs so that you are leveraging your time and adding new, more consistent income streams
  • How to generate clients and grow your online coaching business

We can teach you this, even if you’re starting from scratch – no experience is necessary to get started with coaching groups online.

Let’s make a time for a brief chat. Tell us about your business and we can discuss with you how we may be able to help you to set you up to coach groups and really move your business forward.

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Coaching Or Consulting As A Career Alternative

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A Case Study

How To Transition From 1-1 Coaching To Online Group Coaching


There are numerous benefits when a coach decides to move away from a 1-1 coaching business model to a business model where coaching is done online to groups. Such as:

  • Being able to massively leverage your time and your audience reach
  • Getting paid as your clients devour your group coaching content without you having to be physically present, this works for you even while you sleep
  • Doing the work just once to create your group coaching program content and then re-selling it any number of times
  • And much, much more…

If you have ever wondered what might be involved in setting this up then follow this Case Study where a well credentialled business coach decided to make the transition from 1-1 coaching to a group coaching program.

Background To The Case Study

In this interview we get some background into the limitations of the 1-1 model that Chris Sweeney was experiencing in her business, and why she decided to make the transition to an online group coaching business model.

Case Study Part 1

In the first part of this case study I outline to Chris key questions to ask to assist her to clearly define the problem her coaching solves for her clients.

We also take a deep dive into an approach she can use for the overall design of her first online group coaching program

Group Coaching Case Study

Let’s Have A Conversation

I’m sure you’ll have questions about whether online group coaching is something you could do and how my model would actually work in your coaching business.

It’s very easy to set up a time for us to chat….just click on the button below to make contact and we can take things from there.

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