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By Anthony McAvaney

Attention Coaches And Consultants!

Would Having More Time & Income Make A Difference In Your Life If You Delivered Some Of Your Coaching Online?

Check Out My Special Training To See If This Might Work In Your Business

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The Purpose of This Special Training And Some Specific Outcomes For You From This Training:

To explore some key questions to help you to determine if the online group coaching, or leveraged coaching business model is a good fit with your coaching business.

Specific Outcomes

  1. Develop clarity about the potential benefits of leveraged coaching in your business
  2. How to decide which clients this type of program would benefit most from this approach
  3. How to determine to overall topic for your first online group coaching program

Is The Online Group Coaching Model (Leveraged Coaching Model) A Good Fit With Your Coaching Business?


is online group coaching a good fit with your coaching business

Would A Coaching Business Like This Make A Difference In Your Life?

scaling your business

A coaching business which has a suite of evergreen online coaching programs that deliver you an ongoing regular income.

coaching small groups

By coaching in small groups online serve hundreds of people at the same time just as easily as you serve just one or two people. Massively expand your reach, influence and income.

Provide exactly what your clients are looking for in an online coaching program…by coaching groups online you can create a sense of community, accountability and make your programs more affordable.

Hi There, I’m Anthony McAvaney

I’ve had various online businesses since 2007 and have helped thousands of people along the way.

Over that time we’ve have witnessed many changes about what is working today in online business and what no longer is working now.

The year 2020 saw massive global change where the online world became a pervasive influence in our lives.

Like never before people are now using the internet and accompanying digital technologies to carry out their work, to seek information, education, entertainment and of course to shop.

An often used phrase you may have encountered in during COVID was  “we need to pivot”…which in the context of operating a coaching or consulting business meant changing the way we do business.

It has never been more true about business today that if you’re not online, you’re not in business.

As a result of my years operating online businesses I’ve perfected processes for quickly helping coaches and consultants to set up, launch and scale an online business.

In my SPECIAL TRAINING I take a deep dive into how you can decide if having an online coaching program that can be delivered either to individuals or groups, is likely to be a good fit with your current business model. Plus, some suggestions about what your core online coaching offer could be.

I hope you my special training will give you some fresh insights about the benefits of having an online, evergreen coaching program .

Anthony McAvaney from get online lab

Here’s What Recent Clients Have Said

Anthony’s coaching program showed me how to use existing online tools to assist with marketing my business and for set setting up the IT infrastructure to manage a client database.

It also showed me how to automate my course so that it could be delivered automatically, and not actually having to do it live every time.

I really liked the logical progression of the program starting with actually setting up your program to then acquiring and utilizing the tools to automate deliver the program.

This is a comprehensive, well-structured coaching program that delivers what it promises, and where participants have the opportunities to have all their questions answered.

Wolf Bernhardt

The “Team-Works” Group

client testimonial get online lab

Let’s Have A Conversation

I’m sure you’ll have questions about whether online group coaching is something you could do and how my model would actually work in your coaching business.

It’s very easy to set up a time for us to have a chat – no charge, no selling, just an honest to goodness chance for us to chat about what’s happening in your coaching business.

Just click on the button below to make contact and we can take things from there.


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